In this episode, Carlton Cole, a skilled plumber at Absolute Services, joins us to discuss the ins and outs of your home’s water system. From understanding water pressure and how to measure it to the effects of hard water on your pipes and appliances, Carlton shares his expertise and insights to help you master your home’s water system. Plus, he provides tips and advice on how to maintain your water heater for optimal performance and longevity. Tune in to this informative episode to learn more!

Electrical 101: Home Safety and Fundamentals – A Lesson with Your Home’s Electrician. Join us as we dive into the basics of electrical safety and learn what you need to do immediately if you have one of these brands of electrical panels. Tim Williams of Absolute Services will share his expert insights and offer valuable tips to help you master electrical basics and ensure the safety of your home.

Justin Wiese from Kentucky joins us to discuss Secure Your Space: Navigating DIY vs. Custom Security Systems for Individual Pain Points, Power Outages, and Integrating Your Home Automation Management into Just One App.

Justin shares his expert insights on the benefits and drawbacks of DIY vs. custom security solutions, as well as how to manage your home automation with just one app. Plus, he’ll offer valuable tips for dealing with power outages and securing your space.

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Looking for the latest information on garage door technology and maintenance? Look no further than “The Future of Garage Doors” podcast! Join host James McArter as he chats with Thad Humphrey, owner of Absolute Services, about everything from smart garage door openers to torsion springs, insulated vs non-insulated doors, and overhauls. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to stay up-to-date with the latest garage door products or just looking for some troubleshooting tips, this podcast has got you covered. Tune in to “The Future of Garage Doors” and never worry about your garage door again!

What is the preferred type of grass for our area? What is ‘aeration’ and how does it benefit my lawn? What is the optimal height for cutting your grass? Is is alright to mow the same way everytime? Zach Settle with WeedMan Lawn Care has the answer to these and other questions on this episode of the Absolute Home Service Podcast. If you’re around the Lexington area give WeedMan a call to get your lawn in the best shape and looking great … 859-425-4040.

Daily you are having to step over things lying on your garage floor and you have to move tools around to get to something else and you just wish there was some way to make sense, to put your garage in some kind of order. Well, there is, and Greg Guelda, owner of Garage Solutions Louisville, has the answer to your dilemma. Not matter the size of your garage, or how much limited space you believe there is, Greg and his creative team can give you options and a price you can afford. Call 502-876-8706, or visit: You can also check out their Facebook page …

A lot of folks are visiting their happy places, lately. Especially if you are not a big fan of cold, ice, and snow. That happy place could be a pool in the backyard, sunshine, and much warmer temperatures. Steve and Christopher from Suntime Pools West are here to help make your Summertime dreams come true! Give it a view.

Scott Waldman tells Vince and James why R&B Roofing and Remodeling is No. 1 for home remodeling projects in the Kentuckiana area. Scott’s team takes your ideas and makes your home the home of your dreams. From kitchen and room remodels to transforming your basement, siding, and gutters, too … “It’s Gotta be R and B”.